You dream of a beautiful bedroom, but its size limits you? We suggest how to increase the space of the small bedroom with a few tricks. We have not forgotten about the visual aspect either. Check our tips and get inspired! Bedroom window It will illuminate the interior space accordingly.Continue Reading

We know what kind of mattress will be good for us and what material to pay attention to, and do we know how much a cheap and how much more expensive mattress costs? The price will depend not only on the filling, but also on the size of the mattress.Continue Reading

The boho style in the apartment is particularly visible in its central point – the living room. This boho-style room freely combines patterns and colours which at first glance do not seem to connect. The boho lounge is full of splendour and intense colours that stand in opposition to aesthetic,Continue Reading

Small apartments force us to optimise space and combine multifunctional furniture. Fortunately, the furniture market offers a variety of multifunctional furniture that will fit perfectly into any small apartment. Furniture for small apartments Arranging a small living room in modern blocks of flats spends the sleep of most young people.Continue Reading

Loft is large spaces, industrial climate, materials referring to the industrial revolution, and most of all interiors resembling production halls. What characterizes the loft style and how to arrange a loft-style apartment? Loft as a style in arrangement was created in the 60s of the 20th century, when in theContinue Reading