A small bedroom. How do you arrange it functionally?

You dream of a beautiful bedroom, but its size limits you? We suggest how to increase the space of the small bedroom with a few tricks. We have not forgotten about the visual aspect either. Check our tips and get inspired!

Bedroom window

It will illuminate the interior space accordingly. Natural sunshine has a positive effect on our mood. So it is not worth giving up on them. So let’s not cover the window with dark and heavy curtains. Instead, let’s choose those airy and light ones, which will provide enough sunshine, taking care of our privacy and intimacy. Artificial lighting in the bedroom also plays a role… Side wall lamps, ceiling lamps and standing lamps – with a classic light shade lampshade – will work perfectly!

Bed in the bedroom

A large and comfortable beds are a guarantee of a peaceful sleep. So it is worth investing in it. Even if it were to cost a little more… On the market we have a choice of different types of mattresses, which adjust to the height and weight of a person.

When choosing the place of the bed in the bedroom, put it on the central point of the room. This way you will optically enlarge the interior. In addition, you will guarantee free access to the bed on one side and on the other.

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Bedroom mirror

A mirror in the bedroom, located opposite the window, will optically enlarge the arranged space. Very often the bedroom also serves as a dressing room. So it is worth to equip it with a wardrobe with a mirror, in which you can store your clothes, bedding and other small things. Its light shade and smooth fronts will harmonize beautifully with the whole arrangement.

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