Boho-style living room

The boho style in the apartment is particularly visible in its central point – the living room. This boho-style room freely combines patterns and colours which at first glance do not seem to connect. The boho lounge is full of splendour and intense colours that stand in opposition to aesthetic, classic or minimalist furniture. When arranging an interior in such a crazy style, it is difficult to find rules and principles. However, the boho style in the home, apart from slightly strange combinations of colours, also combines flashy and bold accessories and references to the Orient – both among colours and materials or furniture. You’ll find a wealth of ornamentation and a wealth of patterns that underline the cult syncretism of boho style.

The boho style in an apartment cannot do without raw, sometimes ascetic furniture. The uncommonness and extravagance of this style is also emphasized by noble species of wood, such as ebony, mahogany or rosewood, which are a handful of them from the colonial style. Boho-style accessories are mainly ceramic trinkets imported from distant travels or hand-made figurines, vases or pots.

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