How much does a good mattress cost?

We know what kind of mattress will be good for us and what material to pay attention to, and do we know how much a cheap and how much more expensive mattress costs?

The price will depend not only on the filling, but also on the size of the mattress. The price range of spring mattresses in the size 90×200 cm is about 80 – 150 euro , while in the size 140×200 cm it is about 200-250 euro.

Bonell and foam mattresses will be the cheapest – it costs about 60-200 euro. Remember that these are approximate prices, and it is worth asking the furniture stores dublin for an individual quote.

When is it worth buying a cheap mattress?

  • When you have no problem with back pain
  • Looking for a product for a short period of use
  • You don’t have much to sleep on and you fall asleep without any problems

When better to think of a more expensive version?

  • If you have trouble falling asleep, you suffer from insomnia
  • When your back aches, you have a curvature of your spine or other postural defect that requires you to sleep on a specially prepared surface
  • If you are looking for a mattress for an elderly person or a person who spends most of his or her time lying down – remember about bedsore prevention
  • If you’re looking for a mattress with an extra layer of coconut, sheep’s wool or other natural material that will make you sleep much better
  • When you’re looking for the perfect mattress for a couple that won’t vibrate when your partner gets up or drills
  • If you want to provide a healthy and hygienic sleep for a person who suffers from an allergy on a daily basis
  • A night’s rest on a surface that perfectly suits a person’s needs means a better mood, longer physical fitness and a larger portion of energy in everyday life. Let’s test it without buying a cat in a bag, so that it’s in the bedroom that it feels best!

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