Loft style – interior and furniture

Loft is large spaces, industrial climate, materials referring to the industrial revolution, and most of all interiors resembling production halls. What characterizes the loft style and how to arrange a loft-style apartment?

Loft as a style in arrangement was created in the 60s of the 20th century, when in the USA the abandoned factory spaces started to be sold out and gradually changed into residential spaces. The loft style was quickly captured by artists moving into post-industrial spaces, which began to be arranged in an industrial spirit.

Today, loft-style apartments have become extremely popular and fashionable, offering residents a high level of comfort, large living space and comfortable and atmospheric lighting. This is what the modernist loft style is famous for.

Lofts – style interiors

The loft flat focuses mainly on materials and colours referring to industrialism. In the lofts it is worth to use architectural concrete, wall bricks, steel railings, metal sheets or glass – used for example as a showcase for the loft or table tops.

The dominant colours in the loft style are mainly grays, whites, blacks and brick colours. The image of the apartment in the loft style is enriched with wooden inserts or elements of intense colours. When arranging a room in the loft style, it is important to maintain the consistency of textures, colours and patterns, which should together create the cohesion of the loft aesthetic.

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