Retro style in your home and apartment – find out what’s behind it

Recently, the retro style has become extremely popular again. It refers primarily to the design and design prevailing in the 1950s and 1960s, and draws on the interior design of the palace and art deco style. Retro style perfectly combines with modern furniture, allowing to arrange extremely comfortable and aesthetic interiors.

Retro furniture

The retro furniture is usually finished with veneered wood with rounded shapes, elegant decorations and upholstery. As a rule, retro style furniture is quite massive, so it strongly engages the space of the apartment or house. For this reason, this style is recommended for arranging larger spaces.

Retro furniture for the living room or bedroom is mainly maintained in light or dark colours. Provencal tables and chairs with turned-up legs, simple and massive kitchen tables or raw Scandinavian furniture finished in white gloss are a great combination. When arranging the apartment in a retro style, one cannot forget about beautifully decorated secretaries, chests of drawers, massive wardrobes or finely decorated beds.

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